Reflective Teaching Day 8: My Desk Drawer

Today’s prompt for TeachThought’s 30 day blogging challenge is:

What’s in your desk drawer and what can you infer from those contents?

I forgot to take a picture of my desk drawer before school ended today. If I remember tomorrow, I’ll take a picture and add it to this post. But for now, I can at least describe it for you:

My desk consists of four drawers, the first contains office supplies like staples, pens, wet-erase markers, paperclips, sharpies, etc. I don’t really feel like this one says much about me, other than that I need a convenient place to store my office related sundries. I suppose you could look at its attempt at organization, but lack of any follow through and say something about my personality, but as long as I basically know where things are, I’m not worried about everything being exactly where it belongs. I do keep a set of ear buds in there, mostly used for transcribing videos or lending to students who forgot theirs, so I guess that reflects that I teach a language and not, say, math.

My second drawer has a big box of rubber bands and a few binders full of old papers that I should probably just toss, or at least file somewhere I can forget about them. I guess this drawer says “Hey, this desk belongs to a busy person who doesn’t have time to worry about these old papers…even if she could use this convenient storage space.”

The third drawer has some things that really relate to me and my teaching. At the front of my room, I have yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the current month, and the current season posted. Drawer 3 holds all the extras. It also has conversation starter cards, a set of 3×5 cards that I’m always using for one thing or another, a couple of Spanish reference books, my own personal mini dry-erase board that I use when I have the students use theirs (mine is special because my eraser has a magnet stuck to it, so I don’t have to hold it while I’m standing in front of the class), my electronic Spanish/English dictionary, and a box full of play money that I use, mostly in Spanish I and II to reward students for speaking Spanish and being involved in class. It also has a few office type things that don’t fit in drawer 1 (a bottle of dry-erase board cleaner, for example). Someone looking in this drawer would definitely know what I teach. It’s by far my most handy drawer, and the one I’m in most often. It’s clear from this drawer that I’m not a terrible organized person, but I do try to keep things in some semblance of order, and I try to keep the most important things where I can easily access them.

The final drawer contains the textbooks and workbooks that I used in previous years. Remember what drawer 2 said about me being a busy person…I’ll go with the same thing here (definitely not “I’m a huge procrastinator…no, never). This drawer is also home to my art collection…markers, colored pencils, glue, and a few other things. I’m in this drawer a lot too, because I’m always asking my students to draw something, or do some other creative thing that they want colors for, and few of them have their own. I think it says I’m fun. And a terrible procrastinator.

So overall, I’d say my desk drawer is probably pretty average: some office supplies, some things that relate directly to my content area, and more than a few things that should probably live somewhere else, but that I just never seem to get around to moving. I’m happy with it. 

Now, just don’t ask what my desktop looks like…


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