Reflective Teaching Day 12: My future

Today’s prompt is one I’m excited to write about! And it definitely fits in with the “Big Questions” theme I had going earlier this summer! What a thought-provoking question!

How do you envision your teaching changing over the next five years?

In the next five years, I definitely see my teaching changing a great deal. I hope to become better and better at this Comprehensible Input thing and help my students become more and more communicative. I’m getting tons and tons of ideas from various blogs and every Thursday from langchat. Right now, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with ideas, but I’m trying to implement them slowly rather than all at once, because that would definitely be a mess!

So I guess what I see for myself in the next five years is a continual push toward being a more proficiency based teacher, and helping my students become proficiency based, motivated learners. I’ll continue to pull lots of excellent ideas from other people and implement them in my class because, even though I’m the only teacher in the room, I hope this place doesn’t have to be filled with only my ideas. What a boring, uninspiring, mess that would be! I hope to continually expand my repertoire of activities and authentic resources, and push to use them more and more in class.

I’m pushing myself to use a lot of Spanish right now, and I want to improve my methods for pushing my students to do so as well. Especially in the lower levels. Getting novices to say anything in Spanish other than when answering a direct question can be tough.

I don’t see myself ever going back to a textbook. Even though it’s a lot more work, it’s definitely worth the gains. I’m getting some push back from some students in upper levels, but if I stick with it, I’ll end up with students who have only learned this way, and if they don’t know anything different, how can they complain?

In the next five years, I’ll probably change school districts in an attempt to move closer to home (my husband and I are from the same high school and we both want to be closer to family). The idea of changing schools makes me both nervous and excited. We’ll also probably be starting a family at some point within the next five years, which I’m sure will impact my teaching, though how I don’t yet know.

The next five years are going to be excellent! I really feel like I’m growing as an educator right now and I want to continue that trend. I can’t wait to see where I end up 5 years from now!


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