Reflective Teaching Day 21: My hobbies & My Teaching

Do you have other hobbies/Interests that you bring into your classroom teaching? Explain.

This is an interesting topic for me simply because whenever I’m asked what my “hobbies” are, it’s hard for me to answer. My first thought is always “reading” but the truth is I used to read all the time, but while I still love to lose myself in a book, I don’t read as voraciously as I used to. But of course, I try to encourage my students to read, in any language, and I have a small-but-growing library of reading materials in my classroom, available for my students to peruse when they have free time.

Other hobbies? Well, I like to crochet. I occasionally wear a hat that I made to school, but other than that, this has little to no impact on my teaching.

I guess the closest I would say that I come to having a hobby that impacts my teaching is that I am kind of techy. Not terribly so; there are definitely other teachers in my district who are far more techy than I. But I do enjoy computers and iPads and discovering new apps and uses, both for educational or non-educational purposes. And this year, I’m definitely ramping up my use of technology in the classroom, since I now have a class set of iPads. I’ve also increased my out-of-class but school-related use of technology. Like Twitter for connecting to other world language teachers. Or like this blog.

So I sort of lack hobbies in general. But I really like tech in any aspect of my life, so I’m hoping that counts. 🙂


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