Reflective Teacher Day 4

Day 4: What was the nicest gift that you received from a student/parent/colleague?

This one happened to me just last week! I’m the junior class advisor, and last week we put on an awesome haunted house fundraiser. Or school basically consists of a lobby with one hallway going off left and right. There’s a second floor that is essentially the same, but the lobby is open all the way to the 2nd floor ceiling with a balcony along the edge. We turned all the hallways and the balcony into a haunted house, with the lobby being the queue area for our guests. It’s a huge undertaking every year, but we make a pretty good amount of money for one night’s work.

Last year and this year, the haunted house happened to fall on my birthday. My excellent juniors, knowing this, got me a very cute card. Almost the entire junior class signed it. It’s a dog in a sombrero asking “Do I wish you a happy birthday?” and inside it just says “Sí”. I loved it. In addition, they worked hard and put on a great fundraiser and we earned lots of money, most of which will go directly toward prom this spring.

In school from 7 AM until 10 PM was not exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday, but the kids made it enjoyable, and the card was the icing on the cake.


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