Reflective Teacher Day 8

Day 8: Write about a memorable moment in the classroom and how it reminded you about why you love what you do.

It’s hard for me to pick just one, but maybe I can choose just one or two types of moments.

Those occasional days when students tell me “Today was awesome! I feel like I really learned a lot and I spoke a lot of Spanish.” They don’t often-I mean it has to be a pretty incredible lesson for students to compliment it, but they totally recharge me and get me excited about being in the classroom.

Last year, my planning period was at the same time as some of my favorite Spanish 3 students’ study hall. They never went to study hall. 2 or 3 of them were in my room every day. Sometimes they did little favors for me or helped me grade the really straightforward stuff. Sometimes I bounced ideas off of them. Mostly we bonded. We built the kind of relationship that I have never had with students before. I have 2 of them again this year in Spanish 4 and I love it. I’ll be sad when they graduate this year, but I hope we’ll keep in touch. And I’m optimistic that I’ll form similar relationships with future students as well.


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