Reflective Teacher Day 10

Day 10: Being grateful for humor – share a story about a time in career where humor played a part.

I feel like I could include every day in this post! But one of my biggest uses of humor is definitely to teach students what not to say. Usually, I don’t translate things students say that are wrong, but sometimes it seems to be the best way to highlight subtle or important differences. Like between “anos” and “años”. None of my students mix that one up, because I make a big deal about it the first week and we all laugh, and as soon as the first person says it wrong, everyone in the room cracks up, and then they remember it.
Just the other day, a well-meaning Spanish 1 student wanted to ask a question, and wanted to stay in Spanish. He said “Me do…” something, I don’t remember the rest. Probably because I started laughing before he got it out. The other kids laughed too, when I pointed out that speaking bad English is not the same as speaking Spanish. It was all very good-natured, he got a kick out of it too.

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