Reflective Teacher Day 14

Day 14: 5 things you are grateful to have learned in your teaching career

  1. Anger doesn’t do anyone any good. And letting that anger out at a kid or a class really doesn’t do anyone any good. It just makes me feel guilty afterward, embarrasses the kid or class, and hurts the precious relationships that I am trying to build with my students.
  2. Sometimes, we all need to have a “movie day” and it’s easier to make that day a real day of learning if you have plans made in advance.
  3. Some kids live and die by their notebooks. Some kids will never take notes. Who does better on the test can be surprising. Everyone learns differently.
  4. “If a native speaker can understand it, it’s not wrong” is not a bad motto in Spanish 1 and 2
  5. The grammar page in the textbook is not the boss. Logical planning, comprehensible input, authentic resources, and real acquisition of language are much more important.

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