Audio Lingua – Let’s Collaborate

One of the resources that I use a great deal in class is Audio Lingua. If you haven’t used it, let me start by saying – do it! It’s an excellent resource for listening activities. You can search by topic, level of difficulty, and even age and gender of speakers. The site itself can be set to function in 12 different languages, and there are audio clips from native speakers in each of those 12 languages. In my experience searching for audio in Spanish, it’s a gold mine. I can find something for almost any topic that we might be studying – from colors and family members to bull fighting and modern art, and pretty much anything in between. Between Audio Lingua, YouTube, and, I hardly have to look to find appropriate audio for my classes.

I do a lot of Cloze activities with audio, and I definitely spend a lot of time listening to and transcribing the audio. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a place we could go to find out if someone had already transcribed the audio we’re trying to use? A while back, Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell had the brilliant idea to do exactly that for commercials on YouTube. I admit – I haven’t used this one a ton, but it’s definitely something that I want to utilize (and contribute to!) more in the future!

So, in the spirit of sharing and (hopefully) cutting a little bit out of our overwhelming workloads, I’ve put all the Audio Lingua transcripts that I’ve typed up this year into a Google Doc, which I’m sharing with you so that we can all help each other out!

I found that the best way to organize was this: A Doc as a master list with links to Docs for each separate language.  I couldn’t figure out a way to have 2 separate tables of contents in Google Docs (and thereby have all the languages in the same Doc) – if anyone knows how, please tell me. I created Docs for all the languages offered by Audio Lingua, but only the Spanish Doc has anything in it right now.

Within each Doc, I’ve decided to list each item first by level (A1, A2, etc.), and then alphabetically by the name of the person speaking.

One of my goals here is to broaden my repertoire of activities for listening. I try to go beyond Cloze whenever I can, so along with each transcript, I’ve included some ideas for other things I have done with each clip. So, next time you want to use an Audio Lingua clip, check here! And, if you end up typing up your own transcript and/or activity to go along with a particular clip, please feel free to edit to Docs I’ve created and share with the rest of us!

EDIT 6/17/2015: Since I’m changing schools and have no idea how long I’ll have things I saved in my school Google Drive, I have moved this entire project into my personal Drive account. I updated the links in this post, so they should take you to the right place. If you have trouble accessing the Docs, please let me know!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer Larson says:

    Contact me: I have several auido-lingua resources for you! 🙂

  2. Cristina says:

    I’m willing to collaborate! I did this with Sara-Elizabeth! Thanks so much for sharing, taking the time to do this! Just sent a request

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