Let’s Talk About Rubrics

Last week’s #langchat was all about standards based grading and much of the discussion centered around rubrics, the idea being that if you’re going to grade based on standards (be they ACTFL’s Can Dos or state or district level standards), then your rubric should reflect that. It has gotten me thinking, to say the least….

Assessing Interpersonal

This is an area of my IPA rethink that has been on my mind a lot lately. Here are some of the things I’ve tried, problems I’ve had, and questions I’ve pondered this year with the interpersonal aspect of an end-of-unit IPA: Should the kids talk with me or with each other? This has been a big…

Retelling a Story

Last week in Spanish 2, we started a unit in which my major goal is for students to be able to narrate in the past. We learned the past tenses (pasado súbito and pasado descriptivo) several weeks back during a travel unit, but we then switched to a health unit and didn’t do much with them….

End of Year Surveys

Last week, students at my school started scheduling for next year. That means I get lots of questions about what the next level of Spanish is like. Even though we still have several weeks of school left, I thought that since they’re thinking hard about next year, this was a good time to give them…

IPAs, Take 2

One of the things I want to do before next year starts is take another look at the end-of-unit IPAs I created last summer. I definitely think that moving from textbook-based tests to IPAs was a good move for many reasons. First and foremost, I haven’t used the textbook this year, so those tests wouldn’t have made…