My new favorite song

So I think I may be the last Spanish teacher in the world to discover (and love) Vivir mi vida by Marc Anthony, but just in case you haven’t seen or heard it yet, here are some of the reasons I love it:

The lyrics:
The lyrics are 100% clean, and very repetitive. It’s perfect for a level 1 class. The song repeats “voy a…” a total of 28 times. After we sing this every day for a week, my students will never forget it! Other structures of interest: “para qué”, “eso” as a means of signifying agreement (I gave my students the example of people in church saying “Amen!” during a sermon), and several informal commands (mostly affirmative, 1 negative). The vocab is really accessible to my 1s; they knew most of the words in the song (or other forms of them) already, and the few they didn’t know were repeated so many times that they’re definitely going to get ingrained in a few heads.

Not to mention that it’s such an optimistic, happy song. That’s a message that I love to send to my students. 🙂

The video
The official video is 100% clean. There are at least 6 or 7 different Latin American flags throughout the video (maybe more, my count goes up every time I watch). Today as we watched for the first time, I asked my students to make a list of the ones they saw. Many of them were even able to identify Brazil’s flag in addition to the Spanish speaking countries they saw.

At the beginning of the official video, Marc Anthony does a little monologue about his identity. I asked my students to key in on “Yo soy padre. Soy hijo. Soy hermano, y soy amigo,” “Yo soy mi música,” and “Soy las calles de Nueva York y Puerto Rico,” (and we talked about why he would be both of those and not just one).

The music
Just in case all that wasn’t enough, the music of this song is excellent. It’s upbeat and high interest and pop-y enough to keep kids’ interest. But it is also heavily influenced by traditional Latin music – it’s a great introduction to some of the less pop-y Latin American music. And it’s fun! Some of my students were moving in their seats while we listened today.


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