The Best Laid Plans

I got some pretty big news yesterday. If you were in last night’s #langchat, you may already know my big news. But let me tell you the whole story because the whole thing is still spinning in my head. I informed the administrators in my district at the end of the last school year that I would likely be actively seeking new employment this year. I love my job, but it’s just right on that line between being far enough from my and my husband’s families to miss events and being just close enough that people expect us to make the drive for every little thing. We wanted to be closer to home.

So I put in several applications over the course of this year. I had an interview with a school that seemed perfect. 4 Spanish teachers, 1 Latin and 1 French teacher. I wouldn’t have to be a department of one anymore! I thought it was awesome. Due to some internal things (I still don’t know what those things were), they had to repost the position, so I put in one more application, just in case there was someone from, say, the middle school who had suddenly decided they wanted to teach Spanish. That must not have been the case though, because I was called back for a second round. I was so excited. But although (according to my contact there, a former professor) the teachers really liked me, the administration ended up deciding on someone else.

In the middle of all that, I found out that the last school I had applied at was only able to post their position as a potential opening, and then I never heard anything for several weeks, so I thought that the position must not have opened up. So I told my principal, my coworkers, and my students (and you all via this blog) that I wasn’t going to be leaving. Everyone was happy and I was pretty content. I really do love my current job, and my husband just graduated and started working close to here as well (after losing out on a job in the same town as that first job I also didn’t get) and really likes what he’s doing.

Last week, I interviewed with that school. I thought it went really well. I felt comfortable and welcomed, and I guess the best word would be to say there was a “connection” almost immediately. Yesterday, I found out that I am the only person being recommended to the superintendent for the position. So, nothing is technically official yet, but unless the superintendent has major issues with me, or I have major issues with something that he tells me (salary, perhaps), this is looking like a pretty sure thing. The end.

Except not. Because now all the plans and goals I had for this summer have sort of changed. Lots of things will stay the same, but now, for example, I don’t have to worry about that 3/4 split class I was going to have this fall. It’s a blessing not to have to worry about it, but I do feel pretty bad (not to mention sad) about leaving those kids right now. My new district only has Spanish 1-3 next year, but if ever I do (and I do plan to!) get anyone to take Spanish 4, I’m told it usually ends up being a 3/4 split. So I’m really just kicking that can down the road a little bit.

Some of the things I wanted to implement this fall, I’m no longer sure that I want to. I wanted to try out individual student goals in conjunction with my homework choices this year, but now I’m not sure that I want to throw all of that at new students this year. I may table that until next year…but maybe not. I haven’t decided yet. I’ll also need to redo at least the syllabus I made for Spanish 3/4, and should probably take a good look at my Spanish 2 syllabus to make sure it fits what I want to do with students who (I don’t think) have had a proficiency-minded education thus far. AND I need to copy all of the many things I’ve saved in my school Google Drive account to my personal one because I don’t know how long my school account will last after next week. Which is a real pain because 99% of the links on this blog go to things in that school folder. Fixing those will probably not be high on my priority list, but if you’re reading through and find a link that doesn’t work, let me know and I will fix it right away.

I also really want to be involved in getting my current district ready for a new Spanish teacher. When I originally interviewed for the position, there was no one who could vouch for whether the Spanish I was speaking in my mini-lesson (to the administrators, not students) was actual Spanish. I want to help them find someone who will continue my students (they ARE my students!) down the proficiency path, and not take them straight back to the ways of grammar and verb charts. I want to give this person all the things that I accrued this year and share what we did. I want to make a list of all the students who are moving up to the next level and tell this new teacher where they are in proficiency and what to expect from them. In short: I don’t want this new person to come in blind, the way I did four years ago.

Add onto all of that: now we have to sell our house and move! I need to pack up all of my things from my classroom (and officially resign, I suppose 😦 ), and a thousand other things that naturally go along with moving to a new school district 100 miles away.

But the thing that’s really weighing on my mind: my students. I feel really terrible that I told them that I wouldn’t be leaving, and now I am. I wish I had a good way to let them know that it’s not them, that I’m sorry, and how much I’ll miss them. Not to mention the colleagues that I’ve formed relationships with and, since school is already over, I now don’t have the opportunity to say a proper goodbye to any of them.

So, all in all, this is pretty bittersweet. But I think it’s the right move. I’m excited to be getting closer to my family again (and my mother was positively giddy when I told her yesterday), and many of my very best friends still live in the general area (I’ll actually be in the district right next to where one of my best friends teaches Spanish!). I think it’s better to move now, after 4 years here, than wait longer. It’s certainly not going to get any easier. Still, it’s pretty sad.


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  1. Cristina says:

    Wish you the very best in your move! Family is very important, students will always be there ;o)
    i DO understand your connection and this is what makes your unique and a wonderful teacher! I know they will miss you! the best!

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