Just Try It

Today, I did something new. At least, it was new for me. For the first time ever, I played Kahoot in class. I’ll be honest, I’ve known about Kahoot for a long time. I even participated in a game last January at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference when one of the keynote speakers included a game in his presentation. I had played with middle schoolers before, too, at an after school tutoring session, practicing math.

So I’ve known about Kahoot. I’ve heard other teachers say how great it is. And I’ve never used it. Why? I was afraid my students would think they were too “cool” or that Kahoot was for little kids and that they would check out.

This week in Spanish 1, we started reading TPRS Publishing’s Brandon Brown quiere un perro. Yesterday, we read chapter 1 and I had the kids discussing and talking. I was extremely pleased with how well day 1 with the book went. So far, I’ve just been blatantly stealing plans and activities from Allison (but who doesn’t?), and one of the things she did with her kids was a Kahoot game. I was still skeptical, but I figured I’d give it a try.

This morning, I asked the kids if they had ever played Kahoot before and I was surprised that no one had. I figured they had probably played in middle school or in another class. So we got started, and it went really, really well! The kids were interested, they were involved, they were excited to check the score board after each question. Before the end of the period I heard a couple of kids saying that they liked Kahoot.

Moral of the story? If you’re not sure if your students are going to like something – give it a try. At the very worst, it bombs and you know not to try it again. But you just might be surprised!


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