Manía Musical de Marzo: The Results


One of my (newish) favorite things about this time of year is Musical March Madness! I love the idea, and implemented it for the first time this year. It went really well. The kids were so into it! It was a good break from learning new songs every week, but in the last couple of weeks, kids have been telling me that they’re looking forward to new songs again, which is also great news!

The other thing I love is seeing what songs people are using for their brackets. It’s a great source of inspiration when I’m trying to decide what songs to use each week. Since I didn’t share my songs when we started March Madness, I thought I’d share them now that we’re done.


I let the kids vote for two songs to include in the brackets, and these were the top choices (including a 4-way tie for the last spot). They could vote for any song they knew in Spanish, whether it had been our song of the week or not. I was surprised by how many other Spanish songs they knew!

We listened to both songs each day. The first time we listened to each song, we used Sharon Birch’s You Be The Judge form to talk about our opinions of the songs. I gave the kids 2 minutes (which gradually shortened to 1 minute after they got into the routine) to rate the song and write some opinions. I then took about a minute for kids to share some of the opinions they wrote down. After we did this 20 times, the kids have definitely internalized a few of the words and phrases from that sheet!

Overall, it was a pretty successful month of music. I love when kids say things like, “I have all these songs on my Spotify.” or, “I listen to these songs all the time.” or, “I’ve listened to [song x] so much that even my little brother loves it now!” I’m definitely looking forward to next year!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. spanishplans says:

    Good songs, indeed!

  2. Kathy Griffith says:

    Great songs! La Gozadera won in my classes this year, too!

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