I am currently loving all the #AuthresAugust posts going on! Be sure to check out what Maris, Wendy, Sara-Elizabeth, and Megan have already shared. Rather than share an awesome list of links, here are a few places that I have recently found myself visiting a lot for authres.

Sara-Elizabeth already blogged about the wonder that is Twitter, so I won’t go into it again, but let me just reiterate – Twitter is awesome for great authres.

Have you used Yahoo! Respuestas? You can use my link or go to Yahoo! Answers and click “International” below the list of categories – they actually have FOUR Spanish-language pages, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and US-Spanish, as well as many other options (France, Canada, and Quebec for French teachers!). I love it because, much like Google and Twitter, a particular query might get good results, but if you change the wording slightly, you’re likely to find even more authres gold. And, of course, you can typically find answers to suit your students – some are short and sweet, perfect for novices, but some are longer and more detailed, which is great for upper levels. I also like to give students just the question and use them as writing prompts or conversation starters.

I haven’t found a way to turn the Whisper website to Spanish, but Spanish-speakers are using it. Searches with Spanish terms give lots of responses. Two things to note: 1) Whisper is anonymous, so people feel free to post lots of inappropriate things. I prefer to do my own search and then screenshots the responses I want to use in class. 2) Whisper searches for exactly what you type in the search bar. It doesn’t give back related or similar searches. I have found it helpful to search for just one or two words that are key to my search. For example, I was looking for embarrassing moments Whispers and the query “momentos de vergüenza” didn’t get me anything, however just “verguenza” and “vergüenza” both gave me lots of great (and different!) results – Whisper differentiated between ü and u in my search.

Of course, PinterestYouTube, and Google.es, Google.mx (and all the rest) are go-tos for me, as well. Sites that list recipes, AirBNB, and lots of others. What new places have you been going for authentic resources, lately?


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