Extreme Classroom Makeover 2016

This summer was a time of big changes in my room and I am so excited about them! For comparison, take a look at what my room looked like last year.

Okay, ready for the new look? Here we go:IMG_0418[1]The most drastic change for this year is the move to tables. I am beyond pumped about the opportunities this offers, and the time it will save. You can also see that I prepared a (very minimal) supplies basket for each table. They have extra pencils (tagged with washi tape so that I can hopefully hang on to most of them), and dry erase markers stuffed inside of socks. I stole the sock idea from a friend of mine who says it cuts down on kids digging through markers to get a color they like, and they’re perfect erasers. Having them already on the tables is another time saver that I’m excited about.

Here’s a closer look at what’s in the center of each table:IMG_0419
I blogged about my super-vocabulary-and-confidence-building-plan for this year here, and I’m excited to see how this works out. I left spaces for kids to suggest new words, and I’m thinking that every few weeks I’ll pull these off, possibly add a few new words, and remove some of the English gradually throughout the year.

Next up, my new proficiency pathIMG_0420Last year I had big posters up, and we referred to them pretty frequently, but they just simply took up too much space. So this year I’ve condensed and gone a little cuter (if I do say so myself) with the wonder that is washi tape. I plan to fill that cork board up with memes and comics in Spanish. I used them last year, and they were a hit with my students. I try to hang new ones up regularly, and I let kids bring them in too, so the board starts off mostly empty, but will be very full by the end of the year.

And as we go around the corner…IMG_0423I love Kara and Megan’s new question word posters! I’ve used them in the past and kids have cited them as helpful, so I’m excited about the expansion and the new images. I’m also particularly proud of my Spanish Club whiteboard – a great place for announcing meetings without having to use space on my main boards. I actually attached it to the wall with Command velcro strips, but I loved that ribbon so much that I hung a hook there just so that I could use it. The hook itself wouldn’t hold the board.

IMG_0421Here’s another part of my super vocabulary building plan. I thought long and hard about how I was going to manage a student-created word wall, and finally, at Camp Musicuentos Sara-Elizabeth made using shower curtain for a word wall sound so great that I was convinced. I bought wet erase markers in fun colors so that we can change and update (and gradually remove English?) without having to worry about things wiping off too easily.

Next up, quite possibly my absolute favorite part of my room:IMG_0422Last year I covered my walls with flags hung from the ceiling, but had to take them down because of fire code.I floated the idea of painting ceiling tiles to my principal, and she was on board. Because it took a long time for us to get paint and start working, we aren’t quite done yet, but I am loving it so far! I have had a pretty dedicated group of about 6 students who have stayed after school many days, and a few others who work during study hall, and their talents are amazing!

In the background there you can also see what will be my library. I still need to sort through books and organize by genre (or something), but that is the last big project. I plan to use the cork board there for student book reviews – FVR is going to be a thing in my classroom this year thanks to a couple of grants, and a few other fortunate events. I’m very excited to try it out!

I’m almost ready for the new year, and I think my “new” classroom is going to work out really well! My first (official) day is Monday, freshmen start Wednesday, and everyone else starts Thursday. Here we go.

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