About Me

I’m in my sixth year teaching Spanish, and my second year in my current district. I constitute the entire World Language department at my small Ohio school, and this year I have Spanish I, II, and III. I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and my approach to teaching. There’s much I do right, much I do wrong, and much that even I’m not sure about! I’ve discovered tons of great resources, but it occurred to me one day that something I didn’t have was a place for all my own thoughts. I’m terrible about writing great ideas down and losing them, and so this blog was born. It’ll be a place for my own inner dialog, recording successes, venting, and compiling some of my favorite resources all in one place, because my bookmarks bar is getting way too crowded.

I’m married to a wonderful man, and together we have an absolutely adorable little dog. I love all things Spanish, and am always looking for better ways to impart this love of world, culture, and language to my students. Technology and music are both important parts of my life, both in the classroom and out.

Welcome to my journey! Enjoy, and perhaps you’ll even find something useful here!

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