Audio Lingua

Welcome to my Audio Lingua collaborative project! Each of the links below takes you to a doc for a different language option offered by Audio Lingua. The idea is to share transcripts of audio files from this excellent resource. When you find yourself needing a transcript of an Audio Lingua recording for class, check here first. All I ask is that if you transcribe something that isn’t here yet, add it to the appropriate doc. Thanks and enjoy!


In the Spanish Doc, I ordered the clips first by difficulty, and then alphabetically by the speaker’s name. I made an exception for 2-part clips where part 2 may be a different level from part 1. In that instance I categorized them together according to the level of the longer clip.

For some, I have included a few activities that directly follow from or lead into the clip. I put these in italics to help differentiate them from the actual transcript.

Here’s how I did the formatting, step by step:

  1. Paste the title, transcript, etc.
  2. Highlight the title and then you have two options:
  3. Right click on what’s highlighted and click “link”

    Click on the link icon at the top (between where you change text color and add a comment)
  4. Copy and paste the link into the second box (labelled “link”) and click Apply

Next you need to get it into the table of contents at the top. For that:

  1. Highlight the whole title line, and then you have two options:
  2. Click “Format” -> “Paragraph Styles” -> “Heading 3” (that’s the one I used, I don’t know if that matters) -> “Apply Heading 3”
    Click where it says “Normal Text” (between the zoom levels and the font name) and choose “Heading 3”

If you want to check that it’s definitely going to show up in the ToC, you can go to the top, click inside the ToC, and a gray circle/arrow symbol should show up. If you click that, it’ll refresh the ToC and your new entry should be there.